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Introduction of mature honey

Mature honey: take honey bees in the brewing before repeated processing of clear water, the concentration reached very high out of the hive, the honey yield is low, but high nutritional value, so the price is relatively high; while the immature honey is collected near nectar without adequate brewing, mostly 1-2 days by artificial honey dehydration, many nutrients are not comprehensive, not enough, unstable.

Mature honey, such as the most popular Australian and South American mature honey, is mostly produced from trees. There are many sources of flowers, such as a wide variety of flowers, strong odor, deep color, high fructose content, and good honey quality, so they are welcomed by many countries.

Our company since its inception on beekeeping, foster the establishment of a number of apiculture, bee base, and is committed to the development of mature honey, has made some achievements, and many foreign merchants praise, several kinds of mature honey for reference.


2018-01-13 14:44